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This is what i was able to save as of now :

* Challenge Data Editor by Grop :

* NSMBU Sprite DB :

* NSMBU Spritedata :

* Sprite Categories :

Before you try, the wiki is gone. We also lost the ENVSET generator if no one still has it.

Perhaps someone could make a post with common NSMBU tools, too :)
Posted on 06-02-17, 01:34 pm
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ENVSET Generator? Whats that?
Old 3DS XL info:
I used to have a 3DSafe A9LH V11.3.0-36U with Luma in my CTRNAND. Since ReiNAND Reibooted and Re-Reileased, I "switch"ed back.
Right now, I have boot9strap with Luma 8.0 as my CFW. Though, I'd like to see other CFW's for B9S.
Posted on 06-02-17, 01:38 pm
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It was a script made by shibboleet to create ENVSET files. It was posted only in a forum thread, and it wasn't recovered by the Wayback Machine. ENVSET files should have something to do with enviroment effects probably.
Posted on 06-02-17, 01:40 pm
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Dat weeb NSMBU hacker though :3
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IIRC I still have it.
It's not that great though, you can just edit those files with Notepad.

And yes, those files control the Lightening for the BG and the level.

BTW, there are much much more tools than what you think.
Stella is best waifu. :3

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Yeah whatever. I just tried to recover some stuff from RHC...
Posted on 06-02-17, 02:05 pm