Mario Making Mods

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Since: 05-23-17
From: Yeah, no.
This is one of my most favorite courses I made. I once imagined
being in a Video Game growing up. I finally put my imagination
into a game... or a course in Mario Maker!

This is one of the courses where you are in a box, except it looks
like you're in a Gameboy! The featured characters are Mario, Kirby, Sonic,
Ice Climber, Golden Mario, Star Fox, and some others! You should enjoy this
course. Why not give it a try? ;)

Posted on 06-05-17, 01:08 am
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From: Box
Ah, is this a lil' sequel to that one from the world rankings? Looking forward to giving this one a try.
Posted on 06-05-17, 08:09 pm