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hey, i'm heroic.


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No problem! :)


Happy b-day

Kirisame M

nice. can't believe it's been over a year since this place was made...
Posted on 06-17-18, 05:03 am in What's up? - May 17th 2018
is it possible to duplicate objects? if you won't be adding an object menu, this would be a good alternative, since one could just make a level with one of everything and then duplicate those in pointless maker.
Posted on 12-30-17, 03:19 am in PointlessMaker
when i do that i get a 404 error : /
Posted on 12-16-17, 06:09 pm in suggestion Add Gaming and Tech forums?
i can't vote, i click it and the page just refreshes.
but i'll say it here - no
Posted on 12-15-17, 11:01 pm in suggestion Add Gaming and Tech forums?
Awesome! I've always wanted to make levels from my computer.
I'm only afraid this will make online levels stupidly different/random now. I don't want a program like this to be getting in the wrong hands and being used for obnoxious levels. Do you have similar thoughts?
Posted on 12-09-17, 03:22 am in PointlessMaker
wario is fatter and has a pink nose
Posted on 12-06-17, 04:35 am in New Super Mario Bros. U: Wario for Nintendo 3DS
replace bowser with a walking blue screen of death
Posted on 12-05-17, 10:56 pm in smwwii u Windows 98 in Super Mario Maker
Perhaps this can make animated blocks:
1. You replace the theme like normal. This will be frame #1.
2. You add a new image, but change the .0 to .1. The image is an exact copy of the frame #1 tile set, but now, any animated blocks are changed to frame #2. Any non-animated blocks stay the same.
3. Repeat until all animations are there.

I haven't tested this, but theoretically it should work.
Posted on 12-03-17, 07:31 pm in Super Mario MEGA Theme.
No they aren't... Discord uses Windows 10 notifications, and Chrome uses... well, Chrome notifications.
Posted on 11-26-17, 06:35 pm in Toad Chat
That would get highly irritating during a posting spree.
True... but 1) Chrome notifications go away after 5 or 10 seconds and 2) They don't show up if you're on the website, so I would usually by then be there reading the posts.
Although, if you are really impatient, you can join the discord and set the notifications on #forum-report to be every message.
I could, but Chrome notifications are much better. Discord notifications also make a sound : P
Posted on 11-26-17, 06:21 pm in Toad Chat
Well, it'll actually only notify you whenever there is a new MMM "what's up" thread, which is only once a month.
Wait, really? I would love an option for any post anywhere...
Posted on 11-26-17, 06:17 pm in Toad Chat
: O Woah! Nice! It seems like this isn't ported to Wii U yet, so mind if I do it?
Posted on 11-26-17, 05:47 pm in 3ds Bonneton / Cap Kingdom
I don't quite know how you manage to put out all of these themes so quickly, but I'm glad you do. Just these simple tileset edits that change the background or hue of the tileset look really good
Yeah, it's like they add a whole new atmostphere...
Posted on 11-26-17, 05:28 am in wii usmw Moonlight Zone - Super Mario World Custom
Speaking of notifications...
I'm on Google Chrome and I haven't gotten any notifications... I made sure to turn them on, what's going wrong?
Posted on 11-23-17, 07:03 am in Toad Chat
Ah, I saw this one on the Spriters Resource! Nice import!
Posted on 11-21-17, 11:10 pm in characters Fred Flintstone Mystery Mushroom Costume

Im voting for GRAs because it sticks close to the current icon while still introducing a lot.

Posted on 11-19-17, 05:13 am in New Icon Voting

The video just leads to :P

Posted on 11-19-17, 03:32 am in Wedding Dress Peach Costume
The BossNfp files for the costumes you mentioned, as well as many more, dont seem to be in there. However, a pack was made by Memoryman3 that has all the files for them ( - I use this to replace those characters, and it does work.

Ah, awesome.

As for the problem with the images, what file format was the image? I've had problems with DDS files, but PNGs have always worked for me.

They're just .png, weird...

If you send me the .szs file in Discord (you can find me in the MMM Discord), I can have a look at it to see what the problem is, if you want.

Yeah, I'll probably do that then, thanks for this help!
Posted on 11-18-17, 08:48 pm in How to Make Mystery Mushroom Costumes (With Images!) (rev. 3 by HEYimHeroic on 11-18-17, 08:54 pm)

So I went through every character in both /content/Model and /content/BossNfp/ (I even made a list as I went on), and yet I still cant find characters like Cat Mario, Cat Peach, or the Totem Link costumes ANYWHERE in the files! This is really strange...

Not only that, but some images turn all... weird.. when imported. For example, this is what my costume is supposed to look like: and yet when I select my image in the editor this happens:

I changed the image type and that seemed to work, but in-game, the costume reverts back to the original if I face left.

Ugh, so many problems... I know this all sounds harsh or whatever, but this tutorial has actually helped quite a lot. Help on these two things, though, would be great.

Posted on 11-18-17, 07:25 am in How to Make Mystery Mushroom Costumes (With Images!) is a really good website for Minecraft server hosting. They provide both PC (Java) and Mobile (Bedrock) server hosting and its all realitively cheap.

Oh yea, they also have plugins built-in and easy to use.

Posted on 11-16-17, 04:12 pm in Minecraft