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All Star in Super Mario Maker's editor style
Hey now, you're a plumber, get you Wii on, go play
Posted on 12-25-18, 03:28 pm by eros744 in Request a project!
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I have a problem with the forums theme
I still have the NSMB castle theme
Posted on 11-30-18, 08:09 pm by eros744 in Mario Making Mods Talk
Last Post: eros744 on 12-01-18, 01:06 pm »
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Importing a NSMBU Mario model impossible
I don't know how to do that.
Posted on 08-28-18, 02:19 pm by eros744 in Questions and Answers
Last Post: NightYoshi370 on 09-16-18, 07:54 pm »
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Random Mario Maker Modpack 3ds
Adds derpy eyes and changes some U and SMB Tiles
Posted on 09-01-18, 06:57 pm by eros744 in Project Releases
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SMG4 and Red Luigi in SM3DL
Change green Mario to red Luigi(Bad joke detected)
Posted on 06-27-18, 03:54 pm by eros744 in General Modding
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Ghost Mario 3dswip
Only SMB Mario for now, I've just updated it!
Posted on 02-07-18, 06:40 pm by eros744 in Project Releases
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Alternative textures mod smbfield3ds
It's a bootleg-styled mod for SMM for 3DS!
Posted on 01-14-18, 07:59 pm by eros744 in Project Releases
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