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falling upwards



would it make sense to port the nsmb DS mod to the 3ds version? that would fit the 16x16 tile size even BETTER :3
Posted on 03-05-19, 09:22 pm in wii u3dsnsmbu New Super Mario Bros. Wii/2 in SMM for Wii U and 3DS
Wasn't this already made?
it was already made but this is the first time it was imported! :3
Posted on 03-05-19, 08:59 pm in SMW marble zone theme
This is a mod that recreates marble zone from sonic the hedgehog in smw style
(imported by willymaker)

Posted on 02-24-19, 01:21 am in SMW marble zone theme
Why don't you use your Wii U to take screenshots? (If that's possible, that is. I think it is, cause I've seen people do it before)

yeah, i dont have a wiiu, at all
Posted on 07-26-18, 10:27 am in slice night theme
That looks nice, but screenshots would be great. And I mean that in general.
yes screenshots would be great. me having a pc thats actually POWERFULL enough to run cemu would be great.
Posted on 07-19-18, 09:06 am in slice night theme
but you see, wouldn't it make more sense to use the nes classic palette? the official palette by nintendo

Posted on 07-19-18, 08:39 am in SMB NES Color Scheme Mod
this is a theme based off of a game i made called "slice night"
it replaces the smw grass theme
tileset image:

background image:


Attachment: smw slice
111.37 KiB — Downloaded 105 times
Posted on 02-25-18, 06:13 pm in slice night theme (rev. 1 by TheNawab on 03-07-18, 06:44 pm)
fire, brimstone, sulphur, all that shizoosle!
tileset image:

music ripped from:
Attachment: smb3
2.96 MiB — Downloaded 61 times
Posted on 02-24-18, 01:53 am in smb3 volcanic
its just an athletic theme for smw similar to the grey one in new super mario bros U
here is the tileset image:

music ripped from here:
the download is down there
Attachment: smw cool
5.59 MiB — Downloaded 74 times
Posted on 02-24-18, 01:48 am in smw cool mountain
this mod turns your plain old wooden stage into a winter wonderland!
the tileset and background:

the music pulled from here:

Attachment: smb3
3.59 MiB — Downloaded 90 times
Posted on 02-24-18, 01:39 am in SMB3 snowy
this theme modifies the smb3 castle theme in super mario maker to just look better

and here is a pointlessmaker screenshot:

the download is down there
Attachment: M3_Field_castle.szs
64.59 KiB — Downloaded 75 times
Posted on 02-18-18, 07:49 pm in super mario bros 3. fancy castle
this honestly has a poor palette choice. sorry if that upsets you
Posted on 01-18-18, 06:03 am in smb1 Snow Theme
as for the noteblocks, enemies , and a bunch of other things, i STRONGLY reccomend using valteri's edits

like, for example, heres some airship music
and here are his sprites for smb1
Posted on 01-17-18, 08:19 pm in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Bros All-Stars
tileset image:

background image:

this mod changes the smw castle theme into scrap brain zone from the first sonic the hedgehog game.
i guess you could say, snooPING AS usual.
wiiU download:
Posted on 01-17-18, 07:57 pm in scrap brain zone
this mod changes the smb3 ground theme to a desert

Background Image
Tileset Image



Wii U Download
Posted on 01-16-18, 02:42 am in SMB3 Desert theme (rev. 3 by NightYoshi370 on 01-16-18, 03:57 am)
looks great
Posted on 01-16-18, 02:32 am in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Bros All-Stars
(btw, slice night is a game i made)
anyways, here is the tileset

and here is the background

Attachment: smw slice night.rar
110.40 KiB — Downloaded 85 times
Posted on 12-19-17, 08:22 pm in slice night smw theme
Can I port to 3DS?
not only CAN you, but i encourage it!
Posted on 12-03-17, 05:39 pm in Smb3 snowy
yet another theme i made, imported by buntendo
here is the link to the file:

and here are the preview images

hope u enjoy :D
Posted on 12-02-17, 06:43 pm in Smb3 snowy (rev. 1 by dynastylobster on 12-02-17, 06:44 pm)
May I recommend using a song that is true to 8-bit (Uses maximum 3 noise channels at a time)? The one you linked is not.


This song (aside from the background) is true to 8-bit.

Plus, you can use this version for the editor, and you wouldn't need to worry about syncing the timing!

it, doesnt matter to be honest, i just picked a song that sounded similar to the nes, the actual specifics don't matter, if its a good song that fits well, then i use it
Posted on 11-30-17, 07:51 pm in smb1 volcano