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I guess I make levels
...or something

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Kirisame M



better than yours


u dum




Close the quotes thread before the drama starts


Yeah. I'm maorninja, btw.

Deleted User

no u

Aileen Lumina

sup toms




Is my newest thread breaking the rules ? If so, can you move it to NSMBW General ?



Mr. Zelda

Or simply a NSMBW content showoff therad like they had on RVLution :D

Mr. Zelda

Okay. That's very short.... just sayin...

Mr. Zelda

Also when you posted the NSMBW hack rules thread, wht do you mean by one completed world is required?

Mr. Zelda

Hmm, interesting ;) Mini hack, or full hack? And what theme?


I just gave you the permission to edit forums. Enjoy!

Mr. Zelda

Code huh? I wonder what that would be like...

Mr. Zelda

Okay, gonna share a little bit of info? :LOL:

Mr. Zelda

Any other projects you're working on right now?

Mr. Zelda

Oh, okay.

Sunset Shores is a mini one world mod of NSMB2 which brings a brand new watery themed ascetic along with 8 custom stages. This is also the first NSMB2 hack to feature code modifications, which wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful people working on Super Mario Bros Next.
  • 8 beach themed levels
  • The return of a classic enemy
  • A brand new Mini-Game
  • A custom background and world map
  • Original and remixed music



Again, I just really want to thank everyone on Next Team who helped me out with this. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without them and this hack wouldn't have been in the state it is without all of them!
Posted on 12-20-18, 01:50 am in Sunset Shores - A NSMB2 Mod
As someone who has been affect by this very heavily by this, I'm just furious how everything has been handled. The most I've gotten from them was a message on twitter telling me to reach out to their support team, and I've gotten nothing but automated messages ever since.

Also about this:
According to the email RicBent got, it clearly states that a human (and not a bot) looked into the whole situation and found him guilty of breaking the TOS.

The message Bent received was also automated as i got the same exact message from them.

Word. For. Word

I just can't believe that Discord is outright ignoring me here. I had no clue of the incident going on at the time and I got banned for pretty much "Guilty by Association". They advertise themselves as a friendly community which I praised for the way that they did things. Then they had to be douches and throw me under the bus because whoever is in charge of support can't be bothered to actually look into what happened.

I should be clear, I'm not angry about the ban itself, if a user is reported then the account should probably be banned. I' angry over the fact that I've tried over and over again to reach out and they act like I don't exist. If you're going to say that you have a good support system, then honor what you say and actually have people that care about what is going on when something like this happens.

I honestly can't recommend using their service after seeing how poorly long time users are treated and if I can't get anything done about this then I may have to leave the platform myself too.
Posted on 12-05-18, 03:46 am in Why I dislike Discord
Project Soup

Project Soup is the codename for my currently in development NSMB2 hack. My last (failed) hack was based around snow/fire, and i thought it'd be cool to see a summer mod. Plus, SMBNext had a bunch of stuff for a sunset beach world and I'd hate to see that go to waste :P


  • 8 brand new, watery-themed levels
  • A brand new map
  • Some cool new backgrounds
  • Original and remixed music


Level Preview

Special thanks to explos and TRS
Posted on 10-16-17, 02:39 am in Project Soup
Something that's gone on far too long is post layouts that are extremely difficult to read. From now on, your layout must be 100% readable. If it's not up to staff expectation, it will be removed and you will receive a notice informing you of why it was taken down. If it is a continual problem, you will lose the right to use a post layout altogether.

Thank you.
Posted on 10-14-17, 04:11 pm in Attention: post layout users (rev. 1 by Toms on 10-14-17, 04:13 pm)
Yeah, I think closing this down seems like a good idea
Posted on 10-14-17, 04:07 pm in Completed Post Layouts Thread
Isn't there already a thread for this
Posted on 10-14-17, 03:50 pm in Completed Post Layouts Thread
First one was ripped from Super Smash 4 and second was ripped from MK8DX

The final trailer which I'm making uses a remixed song made by some guy on youtube
Posted on 10-10-17, 02:42 am in nsmbw Newer Super Luigi Wii: Dark Moon
This thread is pointless. Please don't post things like this
Posted on 09-24-17, 10:32 pm in Is hacking Super Mario Maker legal?
Read this

So since Horizon has been released, all NSMBW stuff here will be moved to that board. I also may be stepping down here, since I was only ever a mod here to moderate NSMBW hacking
Posted on 07-01-17, 04:19 am in Forum Notice
Does anyone know if these tilesets are in this pack?

Posted on 06-30-17, 01:29 pm in NSMBW Tileset Pack (over 700 tilesets!)
NSMBW- what's that again?
Posted on 06-29-17, 07:45 pm in sarcasm Modding scenes in a nutshell
O wow i remember this :P
Posted on 06-22-17, 10:54 pm in nsmbu Dragoneel U
+ if anyone has a Mac here, they can edit Newer's source and we can do as we please with map music
Posted on 06-15-17, 06:32 pm in plan stagerecruitingideas welcome Unnamed NSMBW Community Hack
Wrong. Theres a script on Zement's Google Drive that can replace map music properly

I used it in NFFN and never encountered any glitches with it
Posted on 06-15-17, 02:47 pm in plan stagerecruitingideas welcome Unnamed NSMBW Community Hack
this thread just looks like trouble...
Posted on 06-13-17, 11:30 pm in The Quotes Thread
Yeah, SZS modifier is mainly meant for Mario Kart
Posted on 06-09-17, 04:11 pm in tools SZS Modifier
um I'm a local mod :P
Posted on 06-09-17, 03:24 pm in What's up? - June 8th, 2017

I'd imagine that ninty hardcoded the way the bg scroller works so that us noobs can't tamper with it

fuckin' weebs
Posted on 06-09-17, 01:28 am in NSMBW questions
Seems I can't look at the score

Oh well, I'm planning another bigger one ;)
Posted on 06-03-17, 05:07 pm in ongoing NSMBW/NSMBU Level Contest!
Huh, I could help if you'd want me :P

Also I had a level idea that was like an underground waterworks facroty. It would compine soggy sewers and a mine tileset together
Posted on 06-03-17, 02:35 pm in plan stagerecruitingideas welcome Unnamed NSMBW Community Hack