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Hi there! I'm Mayro. You might know me from youtube. "MayroSMM" ring a bell? Probably not. But that's me, anyway.

I don't moderate here. A true pleasure, honestly. Moderating isn't exactly something I'm known for. Oh well.

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Hey there! ^^
I've gone ahead and made my first hack for Super Mario Maker 2. I was really surprised they didn't make a beach theme in the vanilla game so I went and did it myself. Here's my attempt at making it in SMB1 with my limited artistic talent.

Gamebanana link:
Posted on 09-21-19, 01:32 pm in smm2smb1forest SMB1 Beach Theme
I don't really create mods anymore but I'm interested in coming back to the game and designing levels with the new textures.
Posted on 04-04-18, 01:25 pm in Super Mario Maker: The aftermath
Looks really cool, but I wouldn't want it 3DS exclusive. I really don't like that version :p
Posted on 01-31-18, 10:37 pm in wii u3dssmb1smb3smw Super Mario Maker All-Stars (+Super Mario World)
Heck, that looks way too cool. Really creative, wow.
Posted on 12-20-17, 10:25 pm in SMB3 tank theme
chrome because it works fine and always has
Posted on 12-20-17, 10:21 pm in What Web-Browsers do you commonly use?
Because I've used it.
Posted on 12-18-17, 06:28 pm in smwwiiu red mountain
Well, yeah. I often don't have a lot to add so I'll look at all the threads and reply to the ones I have experience with. It's not meant to be a "woah new video" thing - just trying to give feedback. But I'd rather not advertise my videos :p
Posted on 12-17-17, 09:37 pm in smwwiiu red mountain
Why does it matter? I'm not advertising it on the forums.
Posted on 12-17-17, 09:21 pm in smwwiiu red mountain
Super awesome theme! Decoration is really easy and there's a lot possible with it. It's also super compatible with online levels!
Posted on 12-17-17, 12:02 pm in smwwiiu red mountain
So... it's basically "use common sense". I think that's the least confusing way of putting it.
Posted on 12-17-17, 10:33 am in How bans work
This is super fun to use! I found the ice cave to be a little bit weird at first, but looking back I can see what you did by swapping the ice blocks and ground blocks in terms of textures. The desert part was super fun to use and I found myself being a lot more creative than I normally am. It reminds me of the SMB1 airship where there are lots of environments you can create just by using the tileset in different ways.
Posted on 11-22-17, 10:52 pm in smb1wii u Sand Kingdom | Tostarena
Hearing the "hurry up" jingle 20 seconds in every time would surely get really tiresome unless it was removed. But I'm interested in how this'll look.
Posted on 11-22-17, 08:36 pm in NSMBW Rush Hour
Only downloading because it has the old Bob The Builder and therefore I have respect for you.
Posted on 11-22-17, 08:29 pm in smwwii u The Meme Theme
I'm a little confused. Wasn't it already flat?
Posted on 11-22-17, 08:11 pm in 3ds SMB1 Flat Underground
Well, I do enjoy a good plastic bottle. Can't have it right now as it probably won't help me recover from my already-pretty-bad illness.
Posted on 09-29-17, 02:45 pm in Toad Chat
A while ago I posted a thread talking about elements that nobody uses.
autoscrollingunderwater Stylish Seas

Well, Thomandy asked me to make him a level for his Mario Maker finale, so I decided to make a little sequel thing. This is my New Super Mario Bros U Ghost House stage which combines Boos and Magikoopas throughout in unique ways.

- Section 1: Autoscroll Projectile Dodge.
- Section 2: Boo and Magic manipulation and indirect block puzzles.
- Section 3: Boo luring and platforming.
- Section 4: Bowser Jr's Death Magic Gauntlet of death and horror and death.

So, uhhhh...
Star my level pls or I kill you
Posted on 09-29-17, 02:44 pm in let's combine elements that we all hate - the level (2)
It's not that I don't like mobile view.
It's more that I'd rather eat a plastic bottle than use it.
Posted on 09-29-17, 02:35 pm in Toad Chat
I live in the USA
So does Wayro
And Toms.

Nope, I'm British :p
Important bump, I know.
Posted on 09-29-17, 02:33 pm in What's up? - August 15th, 2017
Wow, this looks super good! Great job :)
Posted on 08-20-17, 01:15 pm in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme
Simple, but effective! Last year, someone did some research into level stats. I think it's when Mario Maker had around 10 million levels. It was something like 3 million NSMBU Overworlds and only 10k SMB3 Underwaters. I just find it hard to decorate properly, personally. I did make an autoscrolling boot level with it, though. Still, nice fix!
Posted on 08-20-17, 01:14 pm in 3ds SMB3 Underwater Deluxe