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Smell like... create a mod!
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Heya, welcome to my profile!

I'm a guy called William that loves to make mods for Super Mario Maker, like custom backgrounds, tilesets, and more.
I make NSMBU Custom Levels too, and same with NSMBW.

Also, I have a channel, where I show all my mods and stuff that I do:

See ya

Wii U ID: guillebros
3DS ID: 3411 1273 2115

Smell like... Create a level!

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falling upwards



Willy, can you stop egnoring me, I sayd sorry for the spam already....


... Ok.




Sorry, but do you know why falling upwarts/ hu hu banned himself?


Hi willy!!


can someone help me with a beach tileset, I have seen tons of your mods so I think you can halp me a lot


Thanks tee! (I read this later xd)


Happy birthday!!


Hey, the website is going to go offline in a while.


Ok thanks


I responded to your thread:
Here's the Beach theme from New Super Mario Bros U ported to Super Mario Maker 2!
With custom bg, tileset, music, etc...

Posted on 11-24-19, 07:39 pm in smm2 mods SMM2 NSMBU Beach Theme
try this
Posted on 11-17-19, 02:02 pm in smm wii u Volcano Theme Pack

Here's the volcano theme from nsmbu in smm2!
Video recorded by: Gaming Workshop
Background, edit mode icons, some changes in the tileset and minor
stuff: WillyMaker
Tileset: Charlie59876
Music Import: Casini Loogi

Posted on 10-31-19, 12:41 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU Volcano Theme in Super Mario Maker 2
V.5 Released!
Posted on 10-21-19, 06:39 pm in wii unsmbu NSMBU Volcano Outside Theme
good luck with the filesize
Posted on 09-23-19, 04:15 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU DX Overworld BG
Level inspired in Lanayru Desert from TLo Zelda Skyward Sword, which was a desert where you could go to its past version, which had grass, trees, flowers, etc...
Tileset: VK and Rimea
Background, level and music import: WillyMaker

Posted on 09-22-19, 11:37 am in nsmbu custom lev The Time Travel Pipe (rev. 1 by WillyMaker on 09-22-19, 11:39 am)
Just a port of the overworld background that I made for NSMBU a few days ago.

Posted on 09-21-19, 07:21 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU DX Overworld BG
I made a new version of the overworld background adding the stuff from both bgs and put all that together. And this is the result!

Posted on 09-19-19, 02:57 pm in nsmbu custom bg NSMBU DX Overworld Background
Tileset: .Net
Background: WillyMaker
Video recorded by Weegeepie

Posted on 09-18-19, 06:04 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU Mountain Theme

Posted on 09-14-19, 04:10 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU-Look Forest BG (rev. 1 by WillyMaker on 09-14-19, 04:12 pm)

Posted on 09-13-19, 05:01 pm in smm2 mods NSMBU-Looking Desert BG
If someone is able to make the rock candy mines BG, not the NSMBWii Mountain BG, but the real NSMBU one, I would really like that!
Posted on 09-08-19, 12:41 pm in Rock Candy Mines Tileset Finished
Here's one of the levels from World 9 from New Super Mario Bros Wii ported to New Super Mario Bros U, with a custom background!
Thanks to Rimea for making the tileset for this levels and the clouds texture from the background.

Posted on 09-01-19, 05:59 pm in +nsmbu custom bg NSMBW 9-3 in NSMBU
Im going to make the lava cave background for a mod, and I will use your tileset. With credits
Posted on 09-01-19, 02:08 pm in Volcano Tileset NSMBU finished!
ooo nice I will start with the background, and also the dark tileset (Inside volcano) the top part is made by Abood, not by me.
Posted on 09-01-19, 12:28 pm in Volcano Tileset NSMBU finished! (rev. 1 by WillyMaker on 09-01-19, 12:49 pm)
A port of the Forest background from New Super Mario Bros Wii to the U version!
Replaces Overworld BG

Posted on 08-31-19, 05:44 pm in nsmbu custom bg NSMBW Forest BG in NSMBU
This level was made by Rimea, in his hack called Mini SMBU which has NSMBW levels in NSMBU.
I just made the background, which you can download here: (replaces Overworld BG)

Posted on 08-31-19, 10:30 am in nsmbu custom bg NSMBW Snow Background in NSMBU (rev. 1 by WillyMaker on 08-31-19, 05:44 pm)
Here's the desert background from New Super Mario Bros Wii in the Wii U version! I also added some pyramids.

Replaces the Overworld background, because the original desert bg didn't have enough materials and stuff.


Posted on 08-29-19, 06:27 pm in nsmbu custom bg NSMBW Desert Background in NSMBU
I made the NSMBU BG already, if you want to make a tileset, would be nice
Posted on 08-15-19, 12:42 pm in I created Beach tilesets for 3 styles for SMM2.
SMM2 Port is here!
Posted on 07-31-19, 02:40 pm in smm / 2v1.03 Dry Bowser in SMM / SMM2