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Banned permanently: Continuous drama, reregistering, lying and spamming/trolling. Going as far to threaten people with their adressess. Yara Yara Daze.

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LOL! The reason though... :/




he's actually on our side, he's going to destroy it at some point


ik but i won't be active




Also, he's won a special place in the FAQ.


LOL! They're idiotic.


It was about drama with Smith, Albert and Staple.


I want to get an android device, but I can't prepare myself to make the switch as I'm so used to iOS


yes, an iPhone 4S.




Let me check, 2 seconds.




dont have access to close it


Whoops, my bad. I'm sorry.


Nice new name!


FirechargeXP sounds like a name I'd make and that's not a compliment


BTW, please ignore my first PM. The one Aileen sent is a better version.


blame StapleButter


Wow :p
I would prefer it here so that we are the only site to hack NSMBW and we have all the other tutorials all in one place.
Posted on 06-21-17, 07:59 pm in new forum Add NSMBW
There is a thing on the GameBanana SMM page saying about for SMM mods or something like that...
Posted on 06-20-17, 08:42 pm in GameBanana now has a SMM hacking page
The thing needs to be changed since they don't do SMM.
Posted on 06-20-17, 06:46 pm in GameBanana now has a SMM hacking page (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 06-20-17, 06:47 pm)
Welcome to the board Isaac, enjoy your stay here! :)
Posted on 06-19-17, 04:31 pm in Introduce yourself!
Welcome to MMM, Alberto. :)

You may have to tell people what that discord actually is in your signature.

and before you start posting like I said before, please don't spamvertise ;)
Posted on 06-18-17, 02:40 pm in Introduce yourself!
Looks like the creator of the z-o-o-m uploader program sends the login data you insert in it to its owner and then the guy deletes all your files in your filehosting account.

Beware !
I used to use it and I wanted to know why my files were deleted. I didn't use my actual password though since all of my pw's are different. Very different.
Posted on 06-18-17, 02:27 pm in Toad Chat

Some of you may already know me...

Let's say I was on the old board :P.

(I love mario if you didn't saw my username :))
Welcome aboard to the Mario Modding paradise, Mario Making Mods!

Enjoy your stay here :)
Posted on 06-12-17, 09:15 pm in Introduce yourself!
I mean the popups appear on the reseller's site.

Warez linking/hosting is illegal if you didn't know, and an act has been passed called the "Digital Economy Act", well here in the UK where if your ISP catches you watching illegal content or streaming illegal content like movies for free or using Kodi or downloading warez/pirated content can land you in jail for 10 years.

software that has been illegally copied and made available.
"if anyone is making money from selling warez, they could be prosecuted"
Posted on 06-11-17, 06:47 pm in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by theninja1000 on 06-11-17, 06:48 pm)
Lunarboard with an Acmlm feel! That's what I want! You could make a type of file depot, where users can upload screenshots and that with a similar layout to RVL.
Posted on 06-11-17, 06:39 pm in forumssuggestion Should we get a File Depot?
I'll try and help with LB if you want.
Posted on 06-11-17, 07:59 am in Blalmboard
I feel that post was unnecessary.

BrawlBox never worked for me, which is why I used SZSM and cTools.
Posted on 06-10-17, 09:47 pm in tools SZS Modifier
Read at the bottom of the site "Hosted by"...

The hosting site is a reseller of Byet and uses PopMyAds JS, so popups will appear
Posted on 06-10-17, 09:45 pm in Toad Chat
I consider AcmlmBoard professional! All the AB lovers will be with me!

I don't consider PHPBB or MYBB professional though.
Posted on 06-10-17, 09:44 pm in Blalmboard
I bet if I was mod I would have "OMG IT'S THE EVIL DICTATOR!!!!" from when I had my old board in like 2016 with remix10tailed.

I basically have no idea how to run a board so I'm banning everyone with weird names.

So yeah, I wouldn't be a good mod ar all.
Posted on 06-10-17, 09:43 pm in What's up? - June 8th, 2017 (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 06-25-17, 06:47 am)
6.upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights ("Rights") of any party; This includes linking to or redirecting to any content or copyright files hosted on a 3rd party resource / servers.

9.upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that is of broadcast / streaming types.

Sites must not contain Warez, copyright or other illegal material including links or redirects to copyright material hosted on 3rd party websites / resources. The onus is on you the customer to prove that you own the rights to publish material, not for InfinityFree to prove that you do not. InfinityFree does not allow the propagation or distribution of copyright material, files or warez under any circumstances.

Examples of not allowed script and website types include (but are not limited to):

Cracked/pirated content of any kind

EDIT:Looks like i found the free hosting i needed : (also for free domains).

The warez lord will soon be back...
I wouldn't recommend a site like that since it has pop ups all over it. Posting warez in public is illegal, if you didn't know.
Posted on 06-10-17, 06:01 pm in Toad Chat
No, but that could be planned for the future.

I am working atm on my own mobile game.
Posted on 06-10-17, 05:59 pm in I made a PC game!
But what if it is it like how this board is like on normal view?
Posted on 06-10-17, 04:04 pm in New upcoming forum software: Lunarboard
Are you actually being serious? I already had read them.
Posted on 06-10-17, 04:03 pm in forumssuggestion Should we get a File Depot?
Welcome to MMM, StarTrekVoyager! Have fun :)
Posted on 06-10-17, 03:07 pm in Introduce yourself!
Just spent a lot of time making this, but it is a replica of Color Switch. It's for PC. The game is called "Color Change".


Do not redistribute without my permission. An update will be coming soon.

You use the left click to make the dot go higher
Posted on 06-10-17, 09:13 am in I made a PC game! (rev. 2 by theninja1000 on 06-10-17, 09:17 am)