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My volcano theme is now available for download ;)


No problem! ;)


Thx for a nice welcome


Hello! Welcome to Mario Making Mods! Hope you have a fun time here, and have a good day.
Can you make a 3ds version? If so can you explain to me how to mod super mario maker 3ds?
Posted on 04-24-18, 08:43 pm in wii usmm2 wip Super Mario Bros All-Stars
👌 Ok
Posted on 11-27-17, 01:44 am in smw3ds Dire Dire Docks theme
What about that volcano theme you made a couple of months ago. Are you able to make a Wii u version of that?
Posted on 11-27-17, 01:26 am in smw3ds Dire Dire Docks theme
I really like the tileset but whenever I try to load the mods the tileset wont show.
Posted on 11-18-17, 02:08 am in smwwiiu cool mountain theme (rev. 1 by NightYoshi370 on 12-24-17, 03:18 am)
Since you made custom Mario sprites with this theme, is it OK if you can do it for the Wii u too?
Posted on 11-08-17, 11:46 pm in smb1 The Metro Kingdom / New Donk City
Two Super Mario Odyssey Themes in one week! The community is doing an outstanding job!
Posted on 09-27-17, 09:13 pm in wii usmb1 Mount Volbano / Luncheon Kingdom
Thanks but i forgot to mention this only works after loading sdcafiine but thats what I just tested.
Posted on 09-04-17, 07:34 pm in I've made a discovery!
For those who have firmware 5.5.2 you are able to use the web browser to access the Homebrew Channel to install haxchi, however some modders didn't knowvthat you can instantly access Homebrew Channel without using haxchi or the web browser.All you have to do is access Homebrew using the browser then press the home button and go to mii maker and you should be on the Homebrew Channel. Also for those who have 5.5.1 you can just chill, but for those who have firmware 5.5.2 I recommend you should do this method!
Posted on 09-04-17, 07:27 pm in I've made a discovery!
Can't wait to play this theme. For a very long time I was waiting for a lava theme for super mario maker and you made it possible.
Posted on 08-17-17, 08:37 am in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme
No I've think about the castle theme has lava,so don't do it for the castle theme do it it for underground theme
Posted on 08-14-17, 01:46 am in wiiusmb3 Airship Theme Inside
When I make an airship level on the SMB3 theme I usually a sub area where your inside the airship but when I was making the inside It looks sucky and messy. So I was wondering on y'all spare time when your done with everything y'all need to do,I'd like the theme over the castle theme in SMB3 gamestyle. Take your time if necessary,I'm a patient dude👍
Posted on 08-14-17, 01:42 am in wiiusmb3 Airship Theme Inside