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You can't edit a platforming game without some kind of level editor. The official NSMBW level editor is called Reggie! and can be found below:
Reggie! Level editor V3

If you're in the business for creating your own NewerSMBW levels, then links to those specific Reggie! forks can be found below as well:
Reggie! Next (public beta 1)
Is a bit buggy but has a ton of cool new features

Reggie! Level editor (with newer Support)
Classic Reggie! but with added Newer support and a new dark theme!

And lastly, here are Stage folders for NSMBW and all of its' major hacks for Reggie! to function:

Stage Folder

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Amazing. I had to abuse Web archive and risk the loss of much of the potential that I already had, as well as the blood, sweat, tears, and soul I put into finding it. This will help so many people. :)
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Edited post to be a bit more clean
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I like the update. Thanks! :)
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Dat weeb NSMBU hacker though :3
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IDK about sharing the Stage folder here... :3
Stella is best waifu. :3

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