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What Web-Browsers do you commonly use?
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Microsoft Edge
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Google Chrome
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From: Mushroom Kingdom
What are the web browsers that you commmonly use every day?

For me, it honestly depends, and I have a history.

Earlier, I used to use Internet Explorer. Looking back, it looks extremely shitty and old. Hath of my screen is bloated, and it doesn't even do well with code. Heck, earlier this month, there was this Google Chrome bug in the depot, but I realised its because of the IE patch I added. When removing it, everything worked correctly, but IE went to hell.

Later on, I use Google Chrome due to it being fast, and most commonly used. It had a few nice extensions. The one that really sparked my interest was angry birds and AdBlocker. I adored them, but sadly, angry birds got shut down. Adblocker was extremely slow.

Then, I got a new PC, and it came with W10. So I tested out edge. It had literally nothing special to it. No extentions, was extremely slow, no adblocker. It was basically an Electron app, just with a place to enter URLs.

Later on, I went into the Ubuntu dual boot thing, and it came with a chrome clone known as "Firefox". Was just as bad as IE, so not going to bother.

After having enough of all the slow load times, RAM eating, AdBlockers being super annoying and my IP getting traced, it was time I figured I should go to another completely seperate web browser. and I found out about "Opera". Its a chrome clone, yes, but it has an amazing UI, AdBlocker (which I disabled specifically for this site) that isn't slow af, and an VPN, which can put your location elsewhere.
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Posted on 12-18-17, 11:09 pm
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I use Google Chrome.

Google Chrome works good but sometimes fucks up.
Google Chrome has themes and stuff and extensions and I like that.
I can have custom themes for sites that are always stuck in a frickin' WHITE THEME.
I used mozilla firefox I think twice in my entire life.
Once was because Google Chrome fucking died for some reason,
the second time was because I needed to install google chrome.

Fuck Microsoft Edge.
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Posted on 12-18-17, 11:15 pm
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I also use Chrome, since, in my opinion, it does everything a browser needs to best. I used to use Internet Explorer, but there is no chance of me going back to it now.

I have used Firefox in the past, but that was only because it allowed you to change the desktop background at school, which was blocked on everything else.
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Posted on 12-19-17, 12:47 am
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I use firefox, chrome, and seamonkey depending on the computer

i am not a fan of chrome, however
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Posted on 12-19-17, 03:13 am
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From: Italy

See that logo is red and yellow? Chrome is definitely a communist browser.

BTW, i use Firefox Nightly on mac (it started overheating less when i upgraded to 57) and Pale Moon on Windows (FF fork).

Edit: NightYoshi370, try uBlock origin if you want a decent adblocker.

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IE 11 is better than Edge.

That aside, I use Edge on Windows 10 because it seems to have decent battery optimisations on lowend laptops (FF/Chrome drain it).

Mac/iOS I use Safari due to tab sync and a clean UI, while on XP I use Otter, a QtWebKit browser with interface of Opera 12 like. While QtWebKit has middling compatibility with sites it is lightweight and fast, hopefully it can be changed to QtWebEngine in future if compatible with Qt 5.6, the last Qt LTS supporting XP. Otter team has plans to do this sometime.

Opera is a good browser, despite it being Chinese it is a well-optimised and properly maintained Chromium clone.
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From: Box
chrome because it works fine and always has
Posted on 12-20-17, 10:21 pm
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Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Safari, and Safari Dev. are my favorite
Posted on 12-30-17, 09:59 pm
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From: Planet MemesXL44
In my opinion, edge is absolute trash compared to Chrome. It even pesters you in notifications to use it again after you switch to Chrome. I use chrome as it's a lot more flexible as far as extensions and such.
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Posted on 12-31-17, 12:35 am
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Firefox or die :^)

Also, Chrome is bloatware. Stop using it.
Posted on 12-31-17, 03:02 am (rev. 2 by wrathsoffire76 on 12-31-17, 03:04 am)
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From: Planet MemesXL44
Also, Chrome is bloatware. Stop using it.
Edge is a lot worse when it comes to that, it seems. At least on my computer.
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Posted on 12-31-17, 01:05 pm