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Cloud Kingdom

Mystery Above Our Heads.

|Nimbus Arena

The archaeological dig site in the clouds.

Life Above the Clouds

Perhaps everyone has had the
experience of looking up at the
clouds and imagining what it would
be like to live among them. As it turns
out, as fantastical as it may sound,
there was once such a kingdom
whose citizens looked down on the
world from a fluffy, puffy paradise.

Four keys to the Kingdom

1. Give some thanks to Buntendo! He made the tileset and background! He imported the tileset and maybe the background?
2. Give some thanks to GRAnimated I guess? He probably imported the background, but I forgot.
3. Give some thanks to Samplasion! He did the 3DS port!
4. Download the mod here! Wii U Download 3DS Download

Discord - Buntendo#4069
Twitter - @buntendoswitch
Switch - SW-7334-1776-1312
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Is the music supposed to be nothing?
EDIT: Port here

My Website

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