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On the release day of Mario Maker 3DS aside from being disapointed that the Online Course Sharing System was terrible, I was frustrated that they locked Creation Content behind mandatory GamePlay, I ended up just having to suck it up ATT, and played the game for a few hours a day, until I managed to unlock all the Content for the Level Creation, but when BS9 came out, I update my entire 3DS for Luma CFW, and in the proccess my Super Mario Maker Savedata got nuked, I haven't really gotten around to unlocking anything since, as it's too damn tedious, I remeber faintly seeing a hack though that unlocks all the Creation Content awhile back on Reddit's /r/3DSHacks, or /r/3DSPiracy, but I can't seem to find it anymore, does anyone here know anything about it, or where I can download?
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Here, try this:
Posted on 04-13-18, 11:03 am