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How to edit tilesets, sprites or backgrounds. (For Wii U)

Tools you'll need.
- Wexos's Toolbox : Wexos's Toolbox Download
- BFRES Tool : BFRES Tool Download
- Paint.NET / GIMP : Paint.NET Download or GIMP Download & GIMP DDS Plugin
- Super Mario Maker Dump ( SMM Dumping Guide )

Additional Information.

- Tilesets & Backgrounds are in content/model
- Tilesets follow a name like M1_field_plain.szs
- Backgrounds follow a name like M1_DV_plain.szs

- SZS files for sprites are in content/pack/StaticSkin.pack/StaticSkin
- Link to StaticSkin.pack documentation -

Step One. (Sprite Editing Only)

- Open StaticSkin.pack and search for the szs that has the sprites you want to replace. (For example, SMB1 goomba is M1_enemy_kuribo.szs)
- Extract the szs file to a folder.

Step Two.

- Open the SZS in Wexos's Toolbox
- You should see "output.bfres". Right click it and export it to the folder.

Step Three.

- Open the BFRES file in BFRES Tool. (Do not close BFRES Tool)
- Open the DDS file(s) it generates in Paint.NET / GIMP.

Step Four.

- Modify them however you like.
- Save each DDS file as ABGR8 / A8B8G8R8 (No mipmaps.)

Step Five.

- In BFRES Tool, you should see "Replace (DDS File Name)".
- Click on it, and select your new DDS file. It should say "Done!" Do this for each DDS file. When you are finished, close BFRES Tool.

Step Six.

- In Wexos's Toolbox, right click on "output.bfres" and click replace.
- Select your new BFRES file and then save. (CTRL + S) You can close it afterwards.

Step Seven. (Sprite Editing Only)

- Open StaticSkin.pack and search for the szs that has the sprites you want to replace.
- Right click it and click "Replace". Select your new SZS file and then save. (CTRL + S) You can close it afterwards.

That's how you edit sprites / tilesets.
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Nice job! I'm sure this will help users a lot.
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Smell like... create a mod!
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Easier than the other!
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Smell like... Create a level!
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What do you mean by that?
Also, calm down.
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thanks, unlike some other methods of compiling and extracting files for SMM wiiU, this one actually worked and was pretty simple

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