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Since: 07-25-17
Finally uploaded the Wii U version. I apologize for the long delay. I've asked everyone I can think of if they could port the sprites over, but everyone held it off. The Wii U version is pretty much 1:1 with the 3DS version, but lacking in sprites. Thank you to everyone who helped me in the process!
Posted on 02-06-19, 11:11 pm in 3dssmwwii uswitch Volcano Theme
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Since: 07-25-17
Hiya! Long time no see. I wasn't planning on releasing this, but here we are. This is my port of the SMW Forest theme to SMM3DS! I wanted to get this out before SMM2 releases, so I apologize if you find any bugs. I likely won't be fixing them unless they're game-breaking. Don't worry, there are Palette icons included.

Here's what level previews look like.

Here it is in-game...

And here it is in the editor!

Here's the background. I am aware the actual background has holes in the leaves, but I'm not that good at sprite work.

Lastly, here's the tileset. Ignore the mess on the bottom, it won't affect gameplay.



Music: Originals by Nintendo, re-creations by me
Initial ground tileset: TheHackingYoshi, modified by me to closer match the SMM2 version
EditDB_DecorationTable.byaml (this file is what chooses what decorations are enabled in what styles and themes): Lakifume
Posted on 06-10-19, 05:18 am in smw3ds SMM2 SMW Forest theme
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Can I make a Wii U version?
Yes, you may. Please do not modify it to have "your own touch" or anything like that. Also, please give credit where credit is due :)
Posted on 06-10-19, 04:21 pm in smw3ds SMM2 SMW Forest theme
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Yes it is possible.
Posted on 07-17-19, 04:56 pm in Can we change NSMBU'S Angry Sun sprite in SMM2?
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I don't have a modded Wii U to test this. Did you actually add new things or did you just replace old things? What was added and what was replaced? Could you upload pictures?
Posted on 08-03-19, 04:03 am in wii uv1.04 Super Mario Maker Ultimate
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Do you still plan on uploading images?
Posted on 08-21-19, 02:19 am in wii uv1.04 Super Mario Maker Ultimate
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1. Is it possible to remove the build restrictions on the start area? If so, is there a simple solution to it?
Theoreticaly, yes. There are a few ways: memory modding, (formerly) the black hole glitch, or just modding the file that prevents you from building there.
2. How would I go about placing normally unavailable parts like the Stone and the standalone Lakitu into the level?
Memory modding is pretty much the only way to use the stone, for now. Placing a standalone lakitu can be done with the black hole glitch.
3. How do I make the Angry Sun usable in Night themes, and the Moon (and possibly the Rotten Mushroom) usable in Day themes?
The black hole glitch can do this.

If you're on the latest version, the black hole glitch is patched. You'd need to wait until another method is found.
Posted on 10-06-19, 06:11 pm in smm2 Course Maker Modification (rev. 1 by Epic_stuff on 10-06-19, 06:11 pm)