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I was asked by NightYoshi370 to do maintenance here and code stuff every now and then.

Something broke? Ask in the correct place or contact me on Discord: Oman Computar#5580

My rank is meaningless here but I change myself for the sake of testing.

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WTF is him?


WTF is him?


WTF is him?


Hey, before anyone starts going "WTF is him?", NightYoshi370 asked me to do some maintenance stuff on the server this board resides on. I'm on Discord as Oman Computar#5580 if you want to complain about something here broke.
They're flexing their arm because there's virtually no real competition. I hope someone does turn down a peg or 2 to them.
Posted on 12-05-18, 02:06 am in Why I dislike Discord
What a trainwreck is this thread.

Why the need to randomize ids? This site doesn't and will never get a silver of the scale that sites that use them, so they mean shit for this site. There's no security issue about leaving the ids raw. Enumerating the users is not a security issue despite what other people might think, at worst a performance issue due to not being able to ratelimit the little shits so they slurs the server's like a slush.
Posted on 01-16-18, 10:06 am in About the randomized user IDs