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So I got inspired by the Casino theme mod posted by NightYoshi370 a while ago and made this new underground theme also from Sonic 2.

Here is a fast layout I made with this mod:

It's the Mystic Cave Zone that replaces the SMW underground theme

-new tileset (imported)
-new background (not animated)
-new skewer
-new musics
-invisible tracks (yet again)
-another small surprise (because it's christmas)

Download Wii U:
Put these folders in the content folder of the game.

If you're not a fan of Sonic 2 soundtracks, here is another music I found for this theme. It's from Megaman 6:

Credits to:
-NightYoshi370 for posting the mod that inspired me
-Flare for the sprite sheet
-TheUltimateKoopa, Segtendo and FlameHyenard for uploading the music files on

-the first semi-solid might look a little weird if not stretched correctly
-the skewer will look like this in all the SMW themes

Have fun!
Posted on 12-24-17, 06:00 pm
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Great mod! I covered it in my youtube series -
Posted on 12-29-17, 02:03 pm