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Well um.. Running PointlessMakerTM is really simple, but I'm making this post for the sake of the organisation

To run PointlessMakerTM you will need:
To actually use PointlessMakerTM you have to do the following:
  1. Extract the archive to somewhere in your hard drive, and extract the contents of the archive into the PointlessMaker-master/tilesets/ folder
  2. Correctly install Python and PyQt5
  3. Double-click the excutable or open a cmd window in the PointlessMaker-master/ folder, and enter the following: python


MasterVermilli0n: he made PointlessMakerTM, and he showed me how to run it.
Samplasion: he wrote this guide

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Bonneton / Cap Kingdom

The Cap Kingdom is now in Super Mario Maker! This goes over SMB1's Overworld


3DS Download (v. 1)

Wii U Download (v. 2.1)

3DS Download (v. 2)


  • Samplasion: Created Background & tileset, imported them
  • Buntendo: Gave me ideas, and the original tileset is his, tweaked by me
  • Tater-Tot Tunes: Music

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Whoops my bad I'll change it
Edit: changed file, so fixed

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Wow, this looks cool! I like how it gives an entirely new atmosphere.

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Aww, I missed those!

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