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Welcome to my Profile! I'm Samplasion, an amateur developer and co-owner of the bot Yamamura on the official Discord server. I don't personally mod SMM anymore (long story), but I occasionally play it. If you want to talk with me, hit me up on Discord; I'm Samplasion#0325!

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falling upwards

your welcome friend

falling upwards

happs birthdays

falling upwards



Hello goodbye. Eat an apple pie.


Happy bd


You know, I also came across your SMW Beach level on the database and it was pretty good


comunque il tuo layout fa diventare il testo bianco a tutti e va sistemato


non esattamente


scopri di più sul sito


I think I've fixed that


Also, wekcome!


Hey, uh, your custom font is actually affecting the whole page. Please fix that.


I'm new.
Any chance of an updated download link please? That one not working.
It actually works, I just downloaded it
Posted on 07-14-19, 06:19 pm in MINECRAFT MARIO SUPER MAKER?? 3 (BUP WARNING)
CTRL + SHIFT + R to refresh cache on Mac (at least if you use Firefox).
On Chrome it's the same keys, as far as I can tell. Or you can clear it by going into Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Clear navigation data > Advanced and checking "Images and files stored in cache"
Posted on 01-22-19, 02:39 pm in Why do none of the "buttons" on this site work?
Most likely to start a ton of projects and never finish them: The one that started with the NSMBU snow theme for 3DS
That's me y'know... :)
Posted on 12-26-18, 06:14 pm in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018
Aww, I missed those!

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Posted on 12-05-18, 04:33 pm in Mario Making Mods - Most Votes 2018 (rev. 2 by Samplasion on 12-29-18, 02:19 pm)
[...]what if their birthday truly is November 31st?
Ugh... you mean 30th... right?
Posted on 12-02-18, 08:38 am in What's happening?
Granted, but anything else you want to eat makes you throw up

I wish my PC was capable of installing Windows without corrupting for every reason in the world
Posted on 11-24-18, 10:38 am in game Corrupt-a-wish
Granted, but every 10 minutes the game corrupts some more

I wish Nintendo makes Mario Maker Switch
Posted on 11-23-18, 06:19 am in game Corrupt-a-wish
Granted, but every month the DB duplicates each user

I wish Windows made a non-crappy version of Windows called Windows 11
Posted on 11-16-18, 04:31 am in game Corrupt-a-wish
I'm Having Trouble!
I Can't Run It, It Will Always Give Me An Error!

What error is it giving? I might possiby help you
Posted on 11-07-18, 02:33 pm in guide How to run PointlessMaker™
There is a guide on how to run this at guide How to run PointlessMaker™.
Posted on 10-17-18, 05:10 am in PointlessMaker
Ok, but every time you finish your console will set on fire and you'll have to buy another and restart.

I wish I could do the mods I want on my PC without it broking
Posted on 10-15-18, 02:32 pm in game Corrupt-a-wish (rev. 1 by Samplasion on 10-15-18, 02:38 pm)
Where's screenshots?
Posted on 10-14-18, 08:28 pm in Nothing Mod! 0.1 (Wii U) (Release)
Good! I like it 👀! (btw Downoald)
Posted on 10-08-18, 01:32 pm in smm wii u Dry Bowser in SMB1
the download's not there
Can i have a link to a mirror please?
Posted on 09-08-18, 01:53 pm in wii usmm2 wip New Super Mario Bros DS
Uh no, those names are correct. Believe me I know a lot about Kirby.

Also no surprise if those ranks are weird
Maybe he was referring to the US names? Just sayin
Posted on 09-07-18, 10:14 am in Typos in the kirby ranks
the .BCH file
Is this on the 3DS or the Wii U?

I assume this is for 3DS, because bch files are the 3DS ver’s SMM models
Posted on 09-07-18, 09:34 am in impossible Importing a NSMBU Mario model
For anyone asking, GRA was referring to the manual method
Posted on 09-07-18, 09:32 am in tutorialwii uv1.2 delta How To: SMM (StaticSkin) Texture Expansion Tool v1.2 Delta
Also why no love or ownership of the PlayStation? :(
I mean, you are on a forum about Nintendo, of course there won't be much playstation owners. But here we have Samplasion, the first person in this thread to own a PlayStation.
Really am I the first? Wow... I thought there were more PS owners.
Posted on 08-24-18, 06:39 pm in What consoles do you own?
I have a ps2, a ps4, a nswitch, a n3ds, a broken ps2slim, an xbox360 and... that’s done
Posted on 08-23-18, 07:30 pm in What consoles do you own?
Some images wouldn’t have been bad, you think?
Posted on 08-20-18, 06:32 pm in Super Sweet Mario Maker