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Idk how im second most active I'm now 99.9^100% dead
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I'm basically dead.

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What's the error you see?


Oh, I'll try to fix
Hi, so um I left the Discord for this server a WHILE ago but now I can't find the link to join ANYWHERE on the site. The reason toad chat was taken down was because Discord was in it's place. But if I, who's been here almost 700 days can't find the link, how will we even get new people into this community? So unless there is a clear Discord link, I believe we should keep a General chat on the board.
Posted on 06-15-19, 12:44 pm in Where is Discord? Should this be a General Chat?
This is just for testing post layouts. If you feel like this isn't needed after I finish testing some layouts, you can trash if you want. (Oh btw im going to add a couple of spaces so I can see how it looks if I post a long post.)

If you want to have one of these layouts I will be more than happy to give it to you for free :)

Posted on 09-14-18, 01:41 am in Post Layout Testing (rev. 6 by ModMaker on 09-14-18, 01:58 am)
Just wanted to say hi :). It's been a while. If you don't know me, I've here since July 2017, talked so much I think I got banned for it twice Lul, then became dead for like 6 months. What basically ruined my modding career was two things:
Constant problems with my WiiU
I have a Mac (Basically the downfall of any modder.)

I will try to be online enough so I'm not considered dead but it may or may not succeed. I hope to one day create a mod that will actually be useful to anyone using SMM.
Just wanted to let you all know I'm actually still alive.
Posted on 09-14-18, 12:49 am in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by ModMaker on 09-14-18, 12:50 am)
I'd say Cream Soda on occasion, or Sprite on another.
Posted on 09-14-18, 12:36 am in What's your favourite soda?
I like #12
Posted on 05-26-18, 11:20 am in HEATLH IN BOUND
Something strange:
I was gone for like 2 months and I still am #2 on most posts under member list?
Posted on 05-26-18, 11:18 am in Toad Chat
Hi! It's been a while. After this might not be on alot. This is nearing the end of my Mac's life, it's slower, yet it's the only computer I have :(.
Posted on 05-21-18, 01:31 am in Toad Chat (rev. 1 by ModMaker on 05-21-18, 01:32 am)
Whoa so you can make goomba caterpillars?
Posted on 03-02-18, 04:09 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
oooo sweet i'll look at them. Tomorrow i'm gonna put two mods into my SMM. SMB2 and thinking about the other. Oh and did you ever learn how to swap the BYMALS on Wiiu?
Posted on 03-02-18, 04:07 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1! (rev. 2 by ModMaker on 03-02-18, 04:08 pm)
Yeah, I've been busy doing stuff like HW and was trying to see if I can edit skins in FortNite
Oh and I'm doing ok :)
Posted on 03-02-18, 04:03 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1! (rev. 1 by ModMaker on 03-02-18, 04:04 pm)
Sweet. Hopefully it will go better this time around.
Posted on 03-02-18, 04:00 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
Can we do another one because I finally got my WiiU running
Posted on 03-02-18, 03:58 pm in Mario Making Mods Level Design Contest #1!
Oh no im just wondering. I got my 3DS two years ago and the last time I updated it was about 1 year 200 days ago.
Posted on 01-30-18, 02:32 am in super smash bros3ds updating problem Bad News Relating with 3DS Update Problem (rev. 1 by ModMaker on 01-30-18, 02:33 am)

I missed the Kahoot game? Dang it. Who won?
Posted on 01-30-18, 02:31 am in Toad Chat
Well almost anything thats online needs to be on latest version. I just wasn't thinking of that for some reason. But where can I find that hack you mentioned in point 4?
Posted on 01-30-18, 02:29 am in super smash bros3ds updating problem Bad News Relating with 3DS Update Problem
While I was testing my discord bot meme command
ModMaker: H!meme
Hangout Bot: I can't believe you got a medal in a game called "Call Of Doody". What'd ya get it for? Wiping?
Posted on 01-17-18, 08:12 pm in Toad Chat
How staff works at MMM:

< Hüseyin the Mighty>We should give this guy an unban.
< NightYoshi370>I don't care. What about you GRAnimated?
< GRAnimated>Sure, idc.
< NightYoshi370>How about MasterVermilli0n?
< MasterVermilli0n>Idc at this point tbh.

Great staff!

Sounds like my teachers talking about whos getting coffee
Posted on 01-17-18, 08:00 pm in The Quotes Thread (rev. 1 by ModMaker on 01-17-18, 08:03 pm)
Thanks for saying the EST time! Cause well, I'm from the EST US.

Do i need some hacking knowledge to partecipate or not? You only posted rules there.

No, but you need to know about MMM and you should know how to hack SMM
Posted on 01-17-18, 02:43 pm in Super Mario Maker Kahoot game announcement! (rev. 3 by ModMaker on 01-17-18, 02:47 pm)
oh, K. But still, they still appear to be in order. I mean look at your User ID. It's 1. You were the first one here right? Mine is 78, assuming I was the 78th member here (which is logical).
Posted on 01-17-18, 02:41 pm in About the randomized user IDs
I still don''t understand how the post ID's are not in order. Aren't they in numberical order by time of post.
Posted on 01-17-18, 02:35 am in About the randomized user IDs