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From: Inkopolis
Your favorite SM64 theme, now in SMM! I really wanted to find a way to import this theme to SMW, and here's how I did it. Enjoy!

Images [3DS]:


Wii U:

Version 2:
[Fixes music not looping]

Known bugs:
-Some tiles are/may be transparent. I believe this is due to how paint.NET makes tiles brighter.
-The music may not loop on Wii U. This should not be a problem in the near future.
-The background looks kinda funny. I tried to change the kelp's textures to match the bg, but it didn't work. /shrug
-The Wii U version lacks some things, such as the palette icons and the level preview background.
-Semi-solid platforms have a set texture. I didn't realize it was a bad idea until afterwards.

-I apologize for not uploading any mods recently. I am busy with school and making themes like this take lots of time and effort. I will be back in the swing of things on my next break (which is winter break, I do believe.)
-The music is not mine. I plan on creating my own in-game music in the future.
-Credit to Buntendo for the Wii U port!
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What about that volcano theme you made a couple of months ago. Are you able to make a Wii u version of that?
Posted on 11-27-17, 01:26 am
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From: Inkopolis
What about that volcano theme you made a couple of months ago. Are you able to make a Wii u version of that?

Not yet. I still need some assets before I can say it's done.
Posted on 11-27-17, 01:28 am
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👌 Ok
Posted on 11-27-17, 01:44 am
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From: Final Destination

the theme looks really cool. I'll play it later.
Posted on 12-01-17, 01:12 pm
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Can someone tell my how to change the sprites and textures and pretty much anything one 3ds with b9s luma cfw 11.6.
Thanks in advance!
Posted on 12-01-17, 02:47 pm
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From: Canada
I had some free time and I fixed your background. You should take a look:

Posted on 01-02-18, 05:08 am
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cool dude
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From: mars
i like this mod, it's real good
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